jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Reason Refill MonsterPoly (Free)

MonsterPoly is a free ReFill for use with Reason 3.

The ReFill utilises original samples and waveforms from 
Korg's classic Mono/Poly synthesizer as building blocks for
entirely new and exciting sounds.


Combinator Patches:
29 Combinator Patches - Sampler and FX Combi's from cool to warm
to searingly hot.

Combinator [run] Patches:
20 Tempo-synced arpeggiators and electronic rhythm generators.

NN-XT Sampler Patches:
74 NN-XT sampler patches - Pads, Leads, Polyphonic & Sequence Synth.

NN-19 Sampler Patches:
29 NN-19 Sampler Patches - Pads, Leads, Polyphonic & Sequence Synth.

ReDrum Kits:
6 ReDrum kits - Analog Boom-Tish, xmod rips and filter blips.

ReCycle Rex Files:

29 ReCycle Rex files - Sampled arpeggio's and esoteric noises.

Demo Songs:
2 Demo Songs - By the authors to demonstrate the range of sounds
and a default startup song.

Download: 77 Mb

Link:   http://www.shapednoise.com/MonsterPoly/

em@il: monsterpoly@shapednoise.com

The ReFill is a collaboration between:

Dave Smith: www.groove-quantize.com

Kirke  Godfrey: www.shapednoise.com

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