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Endorphin (free compressor)

Endorphin - Dual-band Stereo Compressor

The development of endorphin has taken approximately 9 months with many
beta/preview versions.
Version 1.0 was the first one that I had been happy with :o)

Now, here's v1.1 which includes the latest bugfixes.

Dynamics processors are essential when recording, mixing and editing music.
But when it comes to compressing an entire sum signal, a lot of digital compressors
turn out to be unusable, many of them were made to process single-track signals only.
On complex sources they tend to produce a 'pumping' sound, distort or just make your
music lifeless. There are manufacturers telling you 'this is the only compressor you'll ever need'.
Don't believe them. Sound signals are far too complex to be handled by a single device.
Your music deserves care and attention to details. This applies especially to the post-mixdown
stage, often referred to as 'mastering'.

Endorphin is no universal talent either.
It is a specialist for complex sources like a mixdown, after having made minor sonic adjustments
and right before burning the track to CD.
Furthermore, it can help to increase depth, definition and loudness of a track.
I call it an 'analog-style' compressor: endorphin uses models like frequency-dependent nonlinear
operation, different harmonics creation stages as well as two basic compressor circuits taken from
the analog realm.

Installation: Unzip the archive, copy the .dll file into your '\vstplugins' folder and (re)start the host
program. It should find endorphin as a new insert plugin.
The archive contains the user's manual (in PDF format).

If the download link does not work properly, you should try using 'save as...'
in you browser context menu.

Direct Download: ZIP

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