martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

EVOL VSTi - Freeware

EVOL is a subtractive softsynth with focus on the following: 
- Warm filter
- Long host sync times
- Huge modulation matrix
- ROPP (Rogue Oscillator Phase Position) 

EVOL Features

- 8 Note subtractive synthesiser
- 127 patch memory locations
- 3 x VCO (FM, ring modulation & waveshaping) 
- 1 x VCF 
- 1 x VCA 
- 3 x ADSR envelopes 
- 5 x LFO BPM sync, key & free run (4 mono & 1 poly) 
- 1 x High pass/low boost filter 
- 1 x Arpeggio 
- 2 x Rhythmic gate BPM sync 
- 1 x Spacious stereo reverb 
- 1 x Stereo chorus/flanger 
- 1 x Stereo BPM delay 

All LFOs support host sync up to 32 bars (more than a minute at 120 BPM)
EVOL uses ROPP (Rogue Oscillator Phase Position) to give a warm feel
EVOL relies on LFOs for the automation of parameters
EVOL has an extensive modulation matrix with up to 60 destinations
EVOL offers a lot of features and  flexibility within its compact user
interface but once you master it your in for a big sonic landscape. 
It has a default set of patches, providing a wide range of sounds to get
you started and you can download more from the website.

EVOL was created by Michael Kastrup in SynthEdit:

and compiled as a VST instrument.

Michael Kastrup: 

Direct Download: ZIP

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