miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2012

Subfreak - 2 OSC Synth - Free

Subfreak is an ultra-simple 2 Osc synth for creating low down
and dirty sub bass.
Just play your notes a couple of octaves below middle C
for that deep subby hum change the waveform of Osc 2
to add a little grit.


- pure sinewave on osc 1
- osc 2 shape and volume control
- detune osc 2 for wobble
- amp env release
- 6 different waveforms for osc 2
- all controls have MIDI CC's assigned

Download zip file (0.9 MB)


Note for users of FL Studio 8.0

There is a known compatibility issue with the first issue of
FL Studio 8 (8.0.2). The plugin will load, but will not generate
audio and will crash FL on deletion/replacement.
This issue is only for FL 8.0 , there is no issue for FL9, FL7
or any other host.
This is due to a bug in the FL VST wrapper, confirmed by Imageline
(the makers of FL Studio).

Imageline have since released an update to FL8 (8.0.2) which fixes
the bug and allows dirtbox to work correctly.

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