miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Full Bucket's Frequency Shifter

The Frequency Shifter is a VST 2.4 software effect for Microsoft Windows
written in native C++ code.

The main features are:

Frequency shifting up to ±5000 Hz.

Optional LFO with five waveforms.

Four frequency ranges, three mix modes.

Linked or individual control for both stereo channels.

Plug-in comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Fully compatible with SM Pro Audio's V-Machine.

The Frequency Shifter shifts the spectrum of the input signal up or
down along the frequency axis. This effect is also know as "Bode Frequency
Shifting" or "Single Sideband Modulation"; IMHO one of the most underrated
and ignored effects ever.

Do not confuse the Frequency Shifter with a pitch shifter! A pitch shifter
multiplies all frequencies of the input signal by a constant factor while a
frequency shifter adds (or subtracts) a constant amount of Hertz to (or from)
those frequencies. Thus, the harmonic structure of the input signal will
not be preserved in the modulated signal, resulting in a raw, inharmonic,
metallic, you-name-it sound the more you apply the effect. Even more,
if you mix a slightly shifted signal with the original input signal you
will get some uncommon phasing sound.



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